Annmarie Bernier, APRN, LLC

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Annmarie Bernier, APRN, LLC

Lotus Behavioral Health Services

10 Grassmere Avenue

Suite #300

West Hartford, CT  06110

Annmarie Bernier is a Board Certified Psychiatric, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, licensed to practice psychotherapy and prescribe medications in the state of Connecticut.  She treats adults aged 18 and above.

Annmarie has enjoyed a successful career in the Psychiatric/Mental Health Field for 25 years.  She has practiced in a variety of professional settings, including Inpatient, Outpatient, Day Treatment Programs, and the Emergency Room.

Annmarie’s approach to medication management is highly individualized.  She is an excellent listener and takes into consideration each client’s beliefs, lifestyle, and willingness to become an active participant in their treatment. She treats clients with various diagnoses including, but not limited to, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, and Addiction.

Her practice is located in a welcoming office in West Hartford that is handicapped accessible. Annmarie accepts most commercial insurances and participates in Medicare and the Medicaid/Husky programs.

Annmarie has chosen the lotus flower as a symbol for her practice.  The lotus flower has its roots deep in the mud of murky waters.  Yet it overcomes darkness to bloom into the sunlight.  She helps her clients “bloom” out of murkiness.

Call 860-480-0198 today and schedule your appointment.

Some evening and Saturday appointments available.

Annmarie Bernier, APRN

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