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New England’s first Tachyon Chamber has been tested for the past 3.5 months and the results are in!

There is no doubt that the Zero Point Energy Field produced in this room by these Tachyon-Living products creates a scientifically proven ‘out-of-this-world’ quantum healing opportunity.

On 7/17/2018, CK reports: “It has been three months since my first Tachyon Chamber session. During that session I experienced the sensation that I was being touched on the arm by God. The next day my blood-work was normal for the first time in 1 1/2 years. I do not take any AMA medical treatment and I have only had one other Tachyon session and my blood-work is still normal and improving. My doctor is very impressed and states that this is atypical for multiple-myeloma. He wants me to continue with prayer and Tachyon meditation sessions.”

SC reports, “Without trying, I quit smoking cigarettes immediately after my first session. I had set my intention for the session to improve my overall health, but did not even imagine I could or would quit smoking immediately! It is now over three months and I am feeling better and taking better care of my self than I have in years!”

In June AD wrote: “My first Tachyon session was a compilation of various experiences. During the session, I felt very relaxed and could actually feel different parts of my brain being gently stimulated by the various “notes” in the music, which was a very cool feeling. Afterwards, I felt energized and got a ton of loose ends done when I got home and later on into the week. Overall, I found it both interesting and very beneficial for overall well-being. I felt great and am now eager to do a longer session next time!”

RK stated, “My sessions in the Tachyon Chamber have been nothing short of miraculous. Each visit I have been able to relieve pain and increase my ability to relax and make progress with my goals– both personally and professionally.”

MS writes, “Since being introduced to the Tachyon Chamber I immediately became hooked. I look forward to each weekly relaxing session. I purchased several Tachyon-Living products and enjoy the energy I receive daily from them. My Power Card is always in my pocket, my scarf can be seen draped around my shoulders while I work at my computer, and the power beads sit near my water bottle. I am calmer. I think more clearly. And I have had a significant reduction in lower back pain over the past month.

To date there have been approximately 35 participants who have had one or more (some up to 12) sessions. All participants report enjoying the experience and recognize it as very different than anything they have ever experienced. Everyone loves the specially-prepared Tachyon-Living music with the Bose headset. However, holding the powerful Tachyon-Living healing rods as they start to pulsate, or experiencing the chakra discs vibrating, or seeing in their minds eye the image of the sacred geometry patterns in the Tachyon-Living mats makes everyone agree this is an ‘out-of-this-world’ experience. Lasting deep relaxation and increased overall sense of well-being are consistent top-of-the-list reports. Reports of relief from physical pain and emotional suffering are next.

Celeste writes: “Since March 26th, 2018 when I installed the Tachyon Chamber, I have had the good fortune to experience an average of two to three 45-minute sessions per week. My energy and focus are substantially increased. My use of anti inflammatories for chronic pain and sinus issues has decreased from 200 to 800 mg. day to barely a couple of doses a week.

Most interestingly, however, I am delighted to report a very significant and welcomed change has been an increase in my ability to persevere and problem-solve. I have been able to consistently make progress with issues that had previously been too frustrating and/or what I thought were beyond me. Hence- all the updates to my work have been flowing after months of stagnation.”

Here is a list of reported benefits of spending time inside a TACHYON CHAMBER: 

  • Harmonizes and reverses the harmful effects* of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs)** in the physical body and energetic aura field
  • Provides negative ions needed for healthy functioning of body, mind, and spirit
  • Drops all resistance to being in a healed state
  • Promotes positive desire to heal


  • Reverses entropy – the primary cause of aging
  • Assists body in a gentle detoxification
  • Decreases pain and lethargic symptoms
  • Increases stamina
  • Promotes peak performance
  • Tachyon works with your DNA to repair, renew and upgrade the DNA
  • Natural healing accelerates; replenishing, recharging, and rejuvenating the physical body’s cells, tissues, and organs of body systems, such as: 
    • Muscular,
    • skeletal,
    • circulatory,
    • nervous,
    • lymphatic,
    • respiratory,
    • endocrine,
    • digestive,
    • urinary,
    • reproductive
      • Multiple sessions may be required for more serious imbalances.


  • Clears mental field and charges with light particles
  • Memory and concentration increase
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Deepens meditation​​
  • Increases intelligence
  • Increases focus
  • Relieves depression
  • Promotes positive sense of well being and joy
  • Releases energy blocks from the past, present, and future


  • Clears at least 12-layers or more of auric field
  • Charges at least 12-layers or more of auric field with light particles
  • Restores chakras and meridians to “Healthy Zero Point” 
  • Strongly amplifies intentions
  • Enhances manifestation capabilities
  • Amplifies efficacy of crystals, gemstones, and healing tools
  • Profoundly promotes spiritual development
  • Opens up spiritual channels especially Ajna (3rd eye)
  • Develops intuitive, psychic, and paranormal abilities
  • Accelerates evolutionary and accession processes

**Harmful EMFs are generated by microwave ovens, cell phones, high tension wires, computer screens, routers, appliances, television, and other electronic devices.

*Harmful Effects of EMF include but are not limited to: exhaustion, confusion, distraction, brain fog, ill-health, dizziness, redness, tingling, heart palpitations, digestion issues, concentration issues, burning sensations, tumor growth and cancer, sense of feeling unwell 

The Celestial Empowerment Tachyon Chamber combines the best of Celeste’s healing facilitations with the most innovate and highest quality products available on the planet today. Your treatments will be custom-designed for your needs. Call Celeste 860-586-8700  to arrange your custom-designed healing-facilitations. 

To schedule your Tachyon Chamber appointment call 860-586-8700.

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