Here is a list of reported benefits of spending time inside a TACHYON CHAMBER: 

Harmonizes and reverses the harmful effects* of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs)** in the physical body and energetic aura field

Provides negative ions needed for healthy functioning of body, mind, and spirit

Drops all resistance to being in a healed state

Promotes positive desire to heal


Reverses entropy – the primary cause of aging

Assists body in a gentle detoxification

Decreases pain and lethargic symptoms

Increases stamina

Promotes peak performance

Tachyon works with your DNA to repair, renew and upgrade the DNA

Natural healing accelerates; replenishing, recharging, and rejuvenating the physical body’s cells,

tissues, and organs of body systems, such as: 











Multiple sessions may be required for more serious imbalances.


Clears mental field and charges with light particles

Memory and concentration increase

Promotes deep relaxation

Deepens meditation​​

Increases intelligence

Increases focus

Relieves depression

Promotes positive sense of well being and joy

Releases energy blocks from the past, present, and future


Clears at least 12-layers or more of auric field

Charges at least 12-layers or more of auric field with light particles

Restores chakras and meridians to “Healthy Zero Point” 

Strongly amplifies intentions

Enhances manifestation capabilities

Amplifies efficacy of crystals, gemstones, and healing tools

Profoundly promotes spiritual development

Opens up spiritual channels especially Ajna (3rd eye)

Develops intuitive, psychic, and paranormal abilities

Accelerates evolutionary and accession processes

*********************************** **

Harmful EMFs are generated by microwave ovens, cell phones, high tension wires, computer screens, routers, appliances, television, and other electronic devices. *Harmful Effects of EMF include but are not limited to: exhaustion, confusion, distraction,  brain fog, ill health, dizziness, redness, tingling, heart palpitations, digestion issues, concentration issues,  burning sensations, tumor growth and cancer, sense of feeling unwell

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