The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment

Meditation Area

The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment is located at

10 Grassmere Avenue, Suite #300, West Hartford, CT  06110

Celeste has become renowned for creating sacred spaces. Her office(s) and their surroundings have often been referred to as ‘holy ground’. She has a flair for decorating that adds to the spiritual nature and feel of her environments. The Sanctuary for Celestial Empowerment is her current sweet suite and is truly her pièce de résistance! It is conveniently located in West Hartford and accessible to/from I-84 from three (all under 1/4 mile) on-ramps.

The curved-glass and stone building is located on the corner of Talcott Road and Grassmere Avenue. It is lovely from the outside, but stepping into the 1800 sq. ft. Suite #300 is a celestially empowering experience in and of itself.

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The Beautiful Space

This is the Main Event Area with a close up of the meditation corner.

This is Celeste’s lovely, inviting, and comfortable Psychotherapy Office.

This is the lovely, inviting, and comfortable, Energy Healing & Group Therapy room. The soft, soothing, and spiritual purples help create instant relaxation.