Holistic Integrative Approach

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Holistic Integrative Approach

Individual therapies can offer highly effective treatment for certain specific illnesses. However, there is often a combination of mental illness and other factors, both mind and body centric, that affect an individual seeking treatment. Integrative/Eclectic Psychotherapy is used most often when a patient has several illnesses that are of pressing concern. This therapy is the basis for all of Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW’s work and she uses this approach which combines various techniques from multiple therapeutic sources. At the root of this combination is the psychodynamic approach of making conscious what is unconscious. Celeste believes that although traditional psychoanalysis is generally considered outdated, it remains the bedrock for all change. It is the root of all psychology, just as chakra one, Muladhara is the root of the Human Chakra System. We can not change what we do not see, so consciousness-raising is the underlying goal and the result of all methods. Celeste combines traditional “talk” therapy with the various therapies discussed throughout this site and in more detail on the Celestial Psychology® page. Celeste recommends nutritional changes, meditation and relaxation techniques, physical exercise, and energy-medicine-based Multidimensional Healing Facilitations. Celeste is committed to offering you the most effective treatment available with integrative techniques to create a holistic treatment program suited to your individual needs.

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Celeste discusses energy healing on local TV

Hallmark of Social Work

Folks are learning a Holistic Approach to healing is the wave of the future. What they may not know is that a Holistic Approach to healing is the Hallmark of Social Work. This is revealed in an article titled: The Face of Social Work: Celeste Mattingly, LCSW, written by Ann-Marie Katzer, MSW, and posted in the Hartford Courant for Social Work Month-March 2010 celebration. Celeste and Ann-Marie point out the value of Social Work and it’s holistic approach—Ann-Marie writes:

“While social workers are integral parts of all communities, the general public’s understanding of who they are, the contributions they make and services they provide is still limited. Since its inception, the social work profession has worked to improve life for millions every day. Social workers operate from values that recognize each person as relevant to society and believe that, when needed, society should help each person achieve his or her fullest potential. Social workers work in many capacities, including but not limited to: counseling, case management, providing children and family services, mental health services, advocacy, administration, policy and community organization.

National Social Workers Month of March celebration honors social workers all over the nation. Connecticut is proud to participate in this celebration by honoring the social workers in our state who work hard every day to serve our residents of [West Hartford, Avon, Farmington, Bloomfield], and the surrounding area). … Celeste has been serving the Greater Hartford areas insured and uninsured adult mentally-ill and substance abuse populations. She has always provided a sliding scale, thus helping many well into any dissolution of their insurance benefits, and “there have been many” she exclaimed. Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW believes that continuing to serve the insured, in spite of low paying contracts and the increasing costs of operation, is in true keeping with the nature of social work. She remains committed to the middle-to-lower class who need to use their insurance for help with their mental health. Celeste states that “the basic credo of social work—treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit is the most gratifying aspect of her work in this field.” She went on to say “this holistic approach to helping people offers us infinite opportunities to creatively grow and change” and that “treating the whole person allows us to evolve as helpers and as helping organizations. No other discipline can change hats so readily; clinicians, policy-makers, administrators, authors, theorists and now branching out as energy healers; social workers have the best of all worlds.” Lastly, Celeste stated about her successful career “None of this would have been possible without the training, experience and overreaching nature of social work.”

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