Celeste Emelia Mattingly, LCSW

Is proud to announce the  opening of the world’s first

Garment of Light Activation and Meditation Chamber.

Powered & Sanctioned by Tachyon Living.com this is

New England’s first official Level 1 Tachyon-Living Chamber.


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Celeste has been hailed as a metaphysical visionary and when she learned about Tachyon Living’s Zero Point Energy products, she knew beyond doubt that these tools are the quintessential way to keep herself and others physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually-fit; protected and safe from EMFs and other environmental and spiritual pollutants. She purchased some products for her personal use, fell in love with them, and created this beautiful, healing Chamber for you.

Celeste has been studying the healing arts since the 1970s. She has been facilitating high-frequency Reconnective Healings, since 2008. She has devoted her life to helping herself and others achieve higher states of consciousness, and increase quality-of-life. After becoming a social worker twenty-years ago, she states, “The social work credo is ‘treat the whole person, body, mind & spirit’. I am extremely grateful to be able to incorporate state-of-the-art healing modalities into my work as a licensed psychotherapist.” 

The Garment of Light Activation & Meditation Chamber combines the best of Celeste’s healing facilitations with the most innovate and highest quality products available on the planet today. Your treatments will be custom-designed for your needs. Call Celeste 860-586-8700  to arrange your custom designed healing facilitations.



Celeste’s aura photo from 2011 was taken after she spent a week with Eugenius Ang, PhD and a group of 25 other spiritual seekers in Sedona Arizona. The main purpose of this trip was to initiate themselves into higher frequencies of energy, light, information, and higher consciousness. The month was November and on the 11th, Dr. Ang facilitated his powerful activations at 11:11 am and 11:11 pm. The rest of the week consisted of more 45-minute activations, meditations, hiking, and enjoying the company of like-minded folks. Since then Celeste has continued her studies with Dr. Ang and other teachers.